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Assistant wedding photographer - Hampshire - Bogfrog

Assistant wedding photographer – Hampshire



My name is Toby and I am an event photographer. I am reasonably new to photography, but to date I have attended over 1,500 weddings as a DJ & MC, so as a result know a lot about weddings. I have made the conscious decision not to become a wedding photographer, but I have decided that I would enjoy (and be a good at) being an assistant wedding photographer instead.

Below are a few photos I have taken over the last year. I have included most of them so you can get a good idea of my style. Please bear in mind that I have taken a lot of these as ‘pics’ for Facebook to give clients an insight into their day from an entertainment point of view. If you hire me as a professional assistant photographer, they will undoubtably be of a much higher standard as I will not be distracted.

This year I have a number of weekend dates available and am available most weekdays within an hours drive of Southampton. My fee for a half day wedding is £200 and for a full day wedding £300, which I feel is quite reasonable. I have two Canon DSLR’s and various lenses including Sigma Art & Canon L. I am friendly, reliable & very eager to learn more about photography. If you have not met me before, then here is a link to my ‘about me’ page on my DJ site: https://yourdj.co.uk/meet-toby/